SoundBank backward compatibility

SoundBanks will always work between different minor versions of a major Wwise release. For example, a 2017.1.2-generated SoundBank will load and work properly with a 2017.1.9 version of Wwise. SoundBanks might not, however, work with different major versions of Wwise. In many instances, for example, a 2017.1.2-generated SoundBank will not load and work properly with a 2018.1 version of Wwise. You will have to generate the SoundBank anew in 2018.1.

There is an invaluable exception to this general rule. If they contain only media information (not Events or structural information), SoundBanks generated in versions 2016.1 and later should work with Wwise 2018.1, Wwise 2017.2.7, and all subsequent versions. Notably, this might not work in the case of plug-in media.

For games that will be played for a long time and have Wwise version updates, we recommend that designers consider using media-only SoundBanks so that only structural and Event banks (which are much smaller) need to be updated.

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