Source Editor: Plug-ins

The Source Editor for plug-ins, different from the Source Editor for audio sources, can be opened from the Contents Editor: SFX and the Contents Editor: Voice. Just double-click the audio source icon.

Open audio source Source Editor
Open plug-in Source Editor

It contains a series of properties associated with the source plug-in. It is contextual, which means that it will display different properties depending on the source plug-in that you are currently editing. You can modify many of the properties in real time and map them to Game Parameters using RTPCs.

Wwise comes with several source plug-ins. To get information about the properties for each one, click the Help button in the Source Editor when opened for the desired plug-in.

With Wwise's open architecture, however, you can easily create and integrate your own source plug-ins. The Source Plug-in Editor displays whatever information the plug-in developers decide to include. There is, however, a default UI with individual fields auto-generated based on information provided in the XML created for the Source plug-in.

Consult the SDK documentation for more information on developing plug-ins for Wwise.

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