Starting and exiting Wwise

The Audiokinetic Launcher manages all your Wwise installations and migrations. If you have yet to install Wwise, refer to Wwise system requirements to make sure your system has the necessary hardware and software. Then click Download Audiokinetic Launcher from the Audiokinetic website's download page, in order to install the Audiokinetic Launcher. From there, installation of Wwise is as simple as clicking a button specific to the desired Wwise version.

If you have any difficulties, refer to Installing or Upgrading Wwise and its Packages for a detailed procedure.

Starting Wwise

To start Wwise:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Double-click the Audiokinetic Launcher icon on your desktop.

    • From the Windows Start menu or the Mac Dock, click Audiokinetic Launcher.

    The Audiokinetic Launcher opens.

  2. Click Log in to log in to the Audiokinetic customer portal and access all the privileges of your user account.

  3. If you have previously used Wwise, then you can go to the Projects tab.

    Alternatively, or if you have never used Wwise, then go to the Wwise tab.

  4. For an existing project, click Open with Wwise ####.#.#.#### (corresponding to the version of your choice). Your project will open in that version of Wwise.

    Otherwise, click Launch Wwise for the version of your choice. That version of Wwise will open to the Project Launcher.

  5. Select a project or click New to create a new project.

    In the former case, Wwise loads up the selected project and you are ready to proceed.

    In the latter case, the New Project dialog opens and you will fill out the following information.

    1. In the Name field, type the name of your project.

    2. To change the location where your project files will be saved, do the following:

      • Click the Browse button (...).

      • The Browse For Folder dialog opens.

      • Navigate to the folder where you want Wwise to store your project files.

      • Click OK.


      If you want to create a new folder specifically for your audio files, click the Make New Folder button.

    3. To change the directory where your original audio files will be saved, do the following:

      • Click the browse button (...).

      • The Browse For Folder dialog opens.

      • Navigate to the folder where you want Wwise to store your original copies of the audio files imported into your project.

      • Click OK.

    4. Click OK.

      Wwise opens with a new project.

Exiting Wwise

After you have completed a work session, save your work and exit the application.

To exit Wwise:

  1. From the menu bar, click Project > Exit.

    Wwise closes the project and exits.


    If you haven't already saved your project, Wwise will prompt you to do so before exiting.

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