Switching to a Different Platform

Since your Wwise project contains all active platform versions, you can easily switch from one platform to another at any point in the development cycle. For example, you might be developing on more than one platform simultaneously, and you want to systematically define a specific object property for each platform. After you have switched platforms, the current platform version is displayed.

To switch between active platforms:

  1. On the left side of the toolbar, click the arrow to display the Platform Selector list.

  2. From the Platform Selector list, select the new platform.

    [Tip] Platform Selector shortcuts

    Each platform in the alphabetical list has an associated shortcut. For example, if you had three platforms, A, B, and C, then Alt+1 would open the platform A version and Alt+3 would open the platform C version of your Wwise project. You can press the corresponding shortcut at any time to select a different platform version of your Wwise project.

    The platform version that you have selected is displayed.

[Note] Note

Only platforms added to the project are displayed in the Platform Selector list. For information on adding a platform, refer to Adding, Removing, and Copying Platforms.

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