The importing process

Before importing your files into your Wwise project, we recommend you first look at what kinds of files are supported by Wwise, and where you want these media files to be stored.


In addition to the PCM audio file formats, it is also possible to import MIDI files. Refer to Importing MIDI files.


The length of the filenames that can be imported into Wwise is 256 characters. This number includes the complete path of the filename. For more information about filename limits, refer to File path length limitations in Wwise.

What happens during the importing process?

Wwise carries out several activities during the import process. The conversion of media files is carried out separately. For more information on converting media files for each platform, refer to Converting audio files.

The import process includes the following operations:

  • The original media files are validated by Wwise before being copied into the project's Originals folder.

  • Audio sources are created for the media files.

  • Sound or music objects that contain the sources are created in Wwise and are displayed in their respective hierarchies in the Project Explorer's Audio tab.

The following illustration demonstrates what happens when you import media files into your Wwise project.

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