Understanding Randomizer Properties

It's important to understand how Randomizers are applied to property values. When a sound object is played, for each property that supports Randomizers:

  1. The Randomizers of the sound object and all its ascendants, if enabled, each generate a random value.

  2. The sum of the Randomizer values is added to the final property value. The final property value consists of:

    • Object property value.

    • RTPCs on the property.

    • States on the property.

[Note] Note

The final Randomizer value is added to the final property value, regardless of how the final property value is obtained. For the Volume and Pitch properties, the property values are always obtained by addition of the many sources. For the Low-pass filter and High-pass filter properties, it depends on the configured Filter Behavior. Refer to:

The illustration below demonstrates the calculation of the final Randomzier value for the Voice object's Volume property. Each object has enabled the Randomizer for the Volume property. The final Randomizer value, Rand, is the sum of values x, y, and z. This value will be added to the final Volume property for the Voice object.

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