Creating Dedicated Objects to Generate Motion

To have better control over the motion intensity profile, it is best to have separate objects just to generate motion data in your project. They can be grouped into containers and Actor-Mixers. Like Sound SFX objects, they have a source, usually a signal generator plug-in. The only difference with regular Sound SFX objects is that those objects are directly routed to a motion-enabled bus. Also, it is usually better to use a specialized plug-in source that directly generates motion data. For the moment, Wwise provides two sources specialized for motion: the deprecated Wwise Motion Generator and the newer, more versatile Motion. However, it is possible to use any other plug-in.

The source you choose will depend on the device you are creating the motion for and the type of motion you want. Each source has a series of properties that you can use to tweak the motion effect.

[Note] Note

Before creating motion-specific objects, you should have a master bus associated with a motion device. See Specifying Output Routing for Motion to learn how to do so.

To create motion-specific objects:

  1. In the Audio tab of the Project Explorer, right-click the Work Unit in which you want to create a Sound object.

  2. From the shortcut menu, select New Child > Sound.

    The new Sound object is added to the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.

  3. Replace the default name with one that best represents the object.

    [Note] Note

    The following characters may not be used when naming objects in Wwise: ':<>%*?/\|.'

  4. In the Contents Editor, click on Add Source > Motion.

    The Motion is added as a source.

  5. Double-click the source plug-in to display a complete list of properties in the Property Editor.

  6. Edit the properties as necessary.

    [Note] Note

    For a complete description of the source plug-ins properties, click the Help button in the Property Editor.

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