What is a Music Segment?

The Wwise Music Segment is the core music object at the base of the Interactive Music Hierarchy. Like the sound object in the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy, it contains the audio assets for the music project. However, there are some important differences between a sound object and a Music Segment:

  • The Music Segment can be aligned with other segments.

  • The Music Segment has another layer between it and its music source - the music track.

Aligning Music Segments

Music Segments can be snapped together at defined points to create seamless arrangements of your score. The following illustration demonstrates how the segments can be arranged and snapped together using sync points or cues. Cues are markers appended to segments to indicate key points, such as its entry and exit points. Using cues and the time settings for tempo and time signature, you can optimally align segments in a playlist as needed.

Music Segments and Music Tracks

Generally, each Music Segment is composed of at least one track which provides the layer you need to work with your music clips. Each music clip represents an audio source that will contain Conversion Settings for different game platforms for the corresponding audio file. When you convert your files, your original music files are left intact and new source versions are created per platform. In this way, you can compose interactive music that is optimized for the target platform. For more information about audio file conversion for platforms, refer to Authoring across platforms.

The following illustration demonstrates the relationship between an audio file and a sound object, and an audio file and a Music Segment.

For sound objects, you have the option of adding various audio sources linked to different files and choosing which one will play back. Adding another audio source in a music track, however, adds another clip to the track in the Music Segment Editor.

As a further design option, you can also place Events at points within the Music Segment Editor tracks.

To help you easily identify a Music Segment and a track in the interface, Wwise uses a unique icon to identify them.



Music Track

Music Segment

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