When working within a particular layout, you can have many different floating views open at any one time. You can manage these floating views efficiently using the Windows dialog. Within the Windows dialog, you can easily activate a particular floating view, maximize, minimize, and restore views, move views, and close views.

Interface Element


View Name

A list of the floating views that are currently open.

Select one or more views from the list to enable the windows management buttons.

Selects all the views in the list.

Clears any views that were previously selected.

Activates the selected floating view and brings it to the front of the stack of windows.

Minimizes the selected floating views.

Maximizes the selected floating views.

Restores the selected floating views that had previously been minimized or maximized to their original size and location.

Moves the selected floating views to a new location within your monitor(s).

Closes the selected floating views.

Closes the Windows dialog.

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