File Manager

The File Manager dialog displays information about your project files as well as the original source files that were imported into your project. The information in the File Manager is divided into the following three tabs:

Using a source control plug-in, the File Manager can be tightly integrated with your source control software. This means that you can perform many source control functions, such as file check-ins and check-outs, directly in Wwise. You can use one of the source control plug-ins that come with Wwise, or you can use the Wwise SDK to create a plug-in for any source control software that allows integration using their own SDK.

You can configure your source control plug-in in Wwise in the Project Settings dialog. After you have configured your source control plug-in, the name of the plug-in will appear in the title bar of the File Manager. For more information on configuring a source control plug-in for your project, refer to Configuring source control plug-ins.


The source control functions can be accessed by right-clicking the files in the File Manager. The list of commands will be different depending on which source control plug-in you are using.

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