Working with layouts

A group of views can be arranged together to create a layout. Wwise includes default layouts that have been optimized to help you perform certain tasks. In addition, there are four user layouts, which you can personalize to support specific workflows without modifying any of the default layouts.

To switch between layouts:

  • From the menu bar, click Layouts, and then select a layout. You can also use the F5-F12 keyboard shortcuts for the default layouts.

Resizing flat views in a layout

Flat views are docked into a layout. This is in contrast with floating views, which float above the layout.

To resize flat views:

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the splitter bar between two or more views.

    The splitter bar becomes highlighted and the mouse pointer becomes a two-headed arrow.

  2. Drag the splitter bar to resize all views that reside along the highlighted splitter bar.

Adding and removing views from a layout

To add a view to a layout:

  1. From the menu bar, click Views and then select a view to add.

    The view appears as a floating view in the layout.

  2. You can resize and move the floating view anywhere within your monitors. This view will be displayed in the current layout until you remove it. You can also dock the view. See Docking and undocking views and Object Tabs.

To remove a view from a layout:

  • In the title bar of a view, click Close (X). If it was docked, the remaining views are resized to fill its space.

Resetting layouts to their factory settings

An edited layout is saved until you reset it to factory settings or edit it again. You can reset the default layouts at any time.

To reset layouts to their factory settings:

  1. From the menu bar, click Layouts > Reset Factory Layouts.

  2. In the Reset Factory Layouts dialog, select the layouts to reset.

  3. Click Reset Layouts.

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