Audio Input

The Audio Input source plug-in allows audio content generated by the game to be processed by the Wwise sound engine. To do this, you create an audio input source plug-in in Wwise, place it within a hierarchy, Trigger it with an Event, and add it to a SoundBank.

You can use this source plug-in for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Capturing audio from a microphone connected to the PC's sound card.

  • Allowing voice over IP to be processed by the sound engine.

  • Playing audio directly from a file on disk that is not part of the original Wwise project.


For more information about the Audio Input, refer to the Wwise SDK documentation.

You may notice that certain property values in both the Source Plug-in and Contents Editors have an indicator beside them. This indicator shows if the property value is associated with a Game Parameter using RTPCs.

The two types of RTPC indicators are described in the following table:





A property value that is tied to an in-game parameter value using RTPCs.

RTPC - Off

A property value is not tied to an in-game parameter value.

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