External Source

External Source is an integrated source plug-in that allows the game to determine which audio file is associated with a sound object each time the object is played. This can simplify your project. For example, if you had many lines of dialogue, you would otherwise need to create a sound object and Event for each of them. The audio files can be streamed or loaded into memory as they are needed. Either method saves memory.

This plug-in requires setup both in Wwise Authoring and in the Wwise SDK. For sample implementations, see Integrating External Sources in the SDK documentation. Implement External Source in Wwise Authoring as follows:

  1. On a Sound object, add an External Source:

    1. Open the Contents Editor of the Sound object. See Contents Editor: External Source.

    2. Click Add Source, and select External Source.

    3. If multiple SFXs are present, select the one to use in the Use column.

  2. Create a play Event with the Sound object as its Target.

  3. Add the Event to a SoundBank, unless Enable Auto-Defined SoundBanks is enabled in the SoundBanks Tab.

  4. Add the target sound files to the External Sources List file. This is an XML file containing paths to your input files and their conversion settings. For an example file, see Integrating External Sources. WAV files must be converted to WEM to be used by the Sound Engine at runtime. The conversion can be done either when banks are generated, or by the audio programmer from the Wwise command line.

  5. In Project Settings, set the location of the External Sources List file, and the directory for the converted output files. See Specifying project settings for External Sources. To override these project settings for your user, go to the SoundBanks Settings - External Sources Tab and enable Override Project SoundBank Settings.

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