McDSP FutzBox Lo-Fi Distortion

The McDSP FutzBox Lo-Fi Distortion plug-in is a distortion and noise generator for creating low-fidelity versions of audio signals.

Typical games require altered, or "futzed" versions of dialog and other tracks that mimic the sounds of radios, phones, televisions, and other devices, often in distorted conditions. Simulations of such sonic environments are now available in a single software product. These simulations, called SIMs (Synthetic Impulse Models) provide accurate modeling in an extremely optimized format, allowing FutzBox to use less DSP power than conventional convolution based products. Furthermore, SIMs can be scaled in real time and changed on the fly.

In addition to the SIM library of sounds, FutzBox also includes filtering and EQ, distortion, a noise generator, a hyper active gate, and a variety of low fidelity (lo-fi) effects including downsampling and bit depth reduction. Original and distorted audio can be mixed in real-time to accommodate scene changes or other automation requirements.


  • Library of Synthetic Impulse Models (SIMs)

  • Configurable "futz" effects including filtering, EQ, distortion, downsampling and bit depth reduction

  • Flexible noise generator with ducking capability

  • Hyper-sensitive gate for signal dropout effects

  • Ultra low latency

  • Mono and stereo versions


The McDSP effects are available in all versions of Wwise, however, they require a separate license, unless they were purchased as part of the Wwise Power Pack bundle. To purchase a license for the McDSP plug-ins, contact the Audiokinetic sales team at:

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