Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AkAudioInputPlugin.h File Reference

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typedef void(* AkAudioInputPluginGetFormatCallbackFunc) (AkPlayingID in_playingID, AkAudioFormat &io_AudioFormat)
typedef AkReal32(* AkAudioInputPluginGetGainCallbackFunc) (AkPlayingID in_playingID)
typedef void(* AkAudioInputPluginExecuteCallbackFunc) (AkPlayingID in_playingID, AkAudioBuffer *io_pBufferOut)


AKSOUNDENGINE_API void SetAudioInputCallbacks (AkAudioInputPluginExecuteCallbackFunc in_pfnExecCallback, AkAudioInputPluginGetFormatCallbackFunc in_pfnGetFormatCallback=NULL, AkAudioInputPluginGetGainCallbackFunc in_pfnGetGainCallback=NULL)
 This function should be called at the same place the AudioInput plug-in is being registered. More...

Detailed Description

Definition of callbacks used for the Audio Input Plugin
Wwise source name: AudioInput
Library file: AkAudioInputSource.lib

Definition in file AkAudioInputPlugin.h.

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