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AkPlatforms.h File Reference

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#define AK_ALIGN(_declaration_, _alignment_)   _declaration_ __attribute__( ( aligned( _alignment_ ) ) )
#define AK_ALIGN_TO_NEXT_BOUNDARY(__num__, __boundary__)   (((__num__) + ((__boundary__)-1)) & ~((__boundary__)-1))
 AK_UNALIGNED refers to the __unaligned compilation flag available on some platforms. Note that so far, on the tested platform this should always be placed before the pointer symbol *. More...
#define AK_FINAL
#define AK_POINTER_64
#define AK_UNUSEDVAR(x)   ((void)(x))

Detailed Description

Audiokinetic platform checks. This is where we detect which platform is being compiled, and where we define the corresponding AK-specific symbols.

Definition in file AkPlatforms.h.

Defines the parameters of a marker.
Definition: AkAudioMarker.h:16
AkInt32 AkTimeMs
Time in ms.
Definition: AkTypes.h:56
Audiokinetic namespace.
@ AK_EndOfEvent
Callback triggered when reaching the end of an event. AkCallbackInfo can be cast to AkEventCallbackIn...
Definition: AkCallback.h:49
AkUInt32 dwIdentifier
Definition: AkAudioMarker.h:17
AkUInt64 AkGameObjectID
Game object ID.
Definition: AkTypes.h:60
Standard function call result.
Definition: AkTypes.h:131
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT RegisterGameObj(AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID)
AkUInt32 dwLabelSize
Length of label read the from the file + terminating null character.
Definition: AkAudioMarker.h:20
Platform-independent initialization settings of output devices.
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT SetOfflineRenderingFrameTime(AkReal32 in_fFrameTimeInSeconds)
Type of callback. Used as a bitfield in methods AK::SoundEngine::PostEvent() and AK::SoundEngine::Dyn...
Definition: AkCallback.h:48
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT Init(const AkCommSettings &in_settings)
#define NULL
Definition: AkTypes.h:46
float AkReal32
32-bit floating point
@ AK_Success
The operation was successful.
Definition: AkTypes.h:133
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AkOutputDeviceID GetOutputID(AkUniqueID in_idShareset, AkUInt32 in_idDevice)
AkUInt32 AkUniqueID
Unique 32-bit ID.
Definition: AkTypes.h:52
Definition: PlatformID.h:98
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT GetOutputDeviceConfiguration(AkOutputDeviceID in_idOutput, AkChannelConfig &io_channelConfig, Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities &io_capabilities)
IDs of temporary memory pools used by the sound engine.
Definition: AkMemoryMgr.h:336
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT RegisterCaptureCallback(AkCaptureCallbackFunc in_pfnCallback, AkOutputDeviceID in_idOutput=AK_INVALID_OUTPUT_DEVICE_ID, void *in_pCookie=NULL)
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT RenderAudio(bool in_bAllowSyncRender=true)
bool SetMediaSource(const AkOSChar *in_pszFilePathToImport, unsigned int in_Index, bool in_bReplace)
Requests to set the specified file as a data input file.
void(* AkCallbackFunc)(AkCallbackType in_eType, AkCallbackInfo *in_pCallbackInfo)
Definition: AkCallback.h:266
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT UnregisterCaptureCallback(AkCaptureCallbackFunc in_pfnCallback, AkOutputDeviceID in_idOutput=AK_INVALID_OUTPUT_DEVICE_ID, void *in_pCookie=NULL)
virtual IAkMarkerNotificationService * CreateMarkerNotificationService(IAkSourcePluginContext *in_pSourcePluginContext)=0
V1::Source Source
Latest version of the C++ Source interface.
Definition: Source.h:173
static const AkUniqueID AK_INVALID_UNIQUE_ID
Invalid unique 32-bit ID.
Definition: AkTypes.h:95
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT SetOfflineRendering(bool in_bEnableOfflineRendering)
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AddOutput(const AkOutputSettings &in_Settings, AkOutputDeviceID *out_pDeviceID=NULL, const AkGameObjectID *in_pListenerIDs=NULL, AkUInt32 in_uNumListeners=0)
const char * strLabel
Label of the marker taken from the file.
Definition: AkAudioMarker.h:19
Definition: IAkPlugin.h:1756
uint32_t AkUInt32
Unsigned 32-bit integer.
AkUInt32 dwPosition
Position in the audio data in sample frames.
Definition: AkAudioMarker.h:18
AKSOUNDENGINE_API AkPlayingID PostEvent(AkUniqueID in_eventID, AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkUInt32 in_uFlags=0, AkCallbackFunc in_pfnCallback=NULL, void *in_pCookie=NULL, AkUInt32 in_cExternals=0, AkExternalSourceInfo *in_pExternalSources=NULL, AkPlayingID in_PlayingID=AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID)
Defines the parameters of an audio buffer format.
Definition: AkCommonDefs.h:63
AkUInt32 AkPlayingID
Playing ID.
Definition: AkTypes.h:55
@ AK_Marker
Callback triggered when encountering a marker during playback. AkCallbackInfo can be cast to AkMarker...
Definition: AkCallback.h:51
AkForceInline AkUInt16 MaxFrames() const
Definition: AkCommonDefs.h:644

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