Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
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1 /*******************************************************************************
2 The content of this file includes portions of the AUDIOKINETIC Wwise Technology
3 released in source code form as part of the SDK installer package.
5 Commercial License Usage
7 Licensees holding valid commercial licenses to the AUDIOKINETIC Wwise Technology
8 may use this file in accordance with the end user license agreement provided
9 with the software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in a
10 written agreement between you and Audiokinetic Inc.
12 Apache License Usage
14 Alternatively, this file may be used under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
15 "Apache License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the
16 Apache License. You may obtain a copy of the Apache License at
19 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed
20 under the Apache License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES
21 OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the Apache License for
22 the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
24  Copyright (c) 2023 Audiokinetic Inc.
25 *******************************************************************************/
27 #pragma once
31 #endif
33 namespace AK
34 {
35  namespace Monitor
36  {
38  {
39  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NoError"), AKTEXT("No error")),
40  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_FileNotFound"), AKTEXT("File %s not found in path(s): %s")),
41  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotOpenFile"), AKTEXT("Cannot open file %s in path(s): %s")),
42  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotStartStreamNoMemory"), AKTEXT("Not enough memory in I/O pool to start stream")),
43  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_IODevice"), AKTEXT("Unknown I/O device error")),
44  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_IncompatibleIOSettings"), AKTEXT("I/O settings incompatible.")),
46  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginUnsupportedChannelConfiguration"), AKTEXT("Plug-in unsupported channel configuration: $p")),
47  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginMediaUnavailable"), AKTEXT("Plug-in media unavailable: $p")),
48  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginInitialisationFailed"), AKTEXT("Plug-in initialization failure: $p")),
49  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginProcessingFailed"), AKTEXT("Plug-in execution failure: $p")),
50  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginExecutionInvalid"), AKTEXT("Invalid plug-in execution mode: $p")),
51  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginAllocationFailed"), AKTEXT("Could not allocate effect: $p")),
53  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_VorbisSeekTableRecommended"), AKTEXT("Seek table is not present, or seek table granularity is larger than the maximum decode buffer size. Conversion settings may need to be updated.")),
55  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_VorbisDecodeError"), AKTEXT("Vorbis decoder failure")),
57  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ATRAC9DecodeFailed"), AKTEXT("ATRAC9 decoding failed")),
58  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ATRAC9LoopSectionTooSmall"), AKTEXT("ATRAC9 loop section is too small")),
60  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidAudioFileHeader"), AKTEXT("Invalid file header")),
61  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioFileHeaderTooLarge"), AKTEXT("File header too large due to markers or envelope.")),
62  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_LoopTooSmall"), AKTEXT("File or loop region is too small to be played properly")),
64  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccurateChannel"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate due to mixed channel configurations")),
65  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccuratePluginMismatch"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate due to incompatible audio formats")),
66  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccurateRejectedByPlugin"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate due to incompatible encoding parameters")),
67  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccurateStarvation"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate due to source starvation")),
68  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccurateCodecError"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate due to codec internal error")),
69  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NothingToPlay"), AKTEXT("Nothing to play in Dynamic Sequence")),
70  // Notification meaning the play asked was not done for an out of control reason // For example, if The Element has a missing source file.
71  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PlayFailed"), AKTEXT("Play Failed")),
73  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_StingerCouldNotBeScheduled"), AKTEXT("Stinger could not be scheduled in this segment or was dropped.")),
74  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TooLongSegmentLookAhead"), AKTEXT("Segment look-ahead plus pre-entry duration is longer than previous segment in sequence")),
75  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotScheduleMusicSwitch"), AKTEXT("Cannot schedule music switch transition ($w to $w) in upcoming segments. Using Exit Cue")),
76  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TooManySimultaneousMusicSegments"), AKTEXT("Cannot schedule music segments: Stopping music")),
77  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PlaylistStoppedForEditing"), AKTEXT("Music system is stopped because a music playlist is modified")),
78  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MusicClipsRescheduledAfterTrackEdit"), AKTEXT("Rescheduling music clips because a track was modified")),
80  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotPlaySource_Create"), AKTEXT("Failed creating source")),
81  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotPlaySource_VirtualOff"), AKTEXT("Virtual source failed becoming physical")),
82  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotPlaySource_TimeSkip"), AKTEXT("Error while computing virtual source elapsed time")),
83  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotPlaySource_InconsistentState"), AKTEXT("Inconsistent source status")),
84  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MediaNotLoaded"), AKTEXT("Media $m was not loaded for this source")),
85  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_VoiceStarving"), AKTEXT("Voice Starvation")),
86  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_StreamingSourceStarving"), AKTEXT("Source starvation")),
87  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XMADecoderSourceStarving"), AKTEXT("XMA decoder starvation")),
88  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XMADecodingError"), AKTEXT("XMA decoding error")),
89  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidXMAData"), AKTEXT("Invalid XMA data - Make sure data is allocated from APU memory and is aligned to 2K.")),
91  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginNotRegistered"), AKTEXT("Plug-in not found: $p")),
92  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CodecNotRegistered"), AKTEXT("Codec plug-in not registered: $p")),
93  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginVersionMismatch"), AKTEXT("Plug-in version doesn't match sound engine version. Please ensure the plug-in is compatible with this version of Wwise. Plug-in name : $p")),
95  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_EventIDNotFound"), AKTEXT("Event ID not found")),
97  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidGroupID"), AKTEXT("Invalid State Group ID")),
98  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SelectedNodeNotAvailable"), AKTEXT("Selected node ($w) not available. Make sure the structure associated to the event is loaded or that the event has been prepared")),
99  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SelectedMediaNotAvailable"), AKTEXT("Selected media $m not available")),
100  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NoValidSwitch"), AKTEXT("Not a valid Switch value $s in group $s.")),
102  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_BankLoadFailed"), AKTEXT("Bank Load Failed")),
103  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ErrorWhileLoadingBank"), AKTEXT("Error while loading bank")),
104  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InsufficientSpaceToLoadBank"), AKTEXT("Insufficient Space to Load Bank, requires $u bytes.")),
106  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_LowerEngineCommandListFull"), AKTEXT("Lower engine command list is full")),
108  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SeekNoMarker"), AKTEXT("No marker in file; seeking to specified location")),
109  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotSeekContinuous"), AKTEXT("Cannot seek in sound that is within a continuous container with special transitions")),
110  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SeekAfterEof"), AKTEXT("Seeking after end of file. Playback will stop")),
112  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnknownGameObject"), AKTEXT("Unknown/Dead game object ID used in function %s. Make sure the game object is registered before using it and do not use it once it was unregistered.")),
113  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_GameObjectNeverRegistered"), AKTEXT("Unknown game object ID used in function %s. This ID was not registered with AK::SoundEngine::RegisterGameObj before.")),
114  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_DeadGameObject"), AKTEXT("Dead game object ID used in function %s. This object was unregistered with AK::SoundEngine::UnregisterGameObj some time prior this call.")),
116  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_GameObjectIsNotEmitter"), AKTEXT("The game object for an event was not registered as an emitter. Make sure the game object is registered as an emitter before using it to post an event.")),
118  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ExternalSourceNotResolved"), AKTEXT("External source missing from PostEvent call")),
119  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_FileFormatMismatch"), AKTEXT("Source file is of different format than expected")),
120  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CommandQueueFull"), AKTEXT("Audio command queue is full, blocking caller. Reduce number of calls to sound engine or boost command queue memory.")),
121  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CommandTooLarge"), AKTEXT("Audio command is too large to fit in the command queue. Break the command in smaller pieces.")),
123  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XMACreateDecoderLimitReached"), AKTEXT("Failed creating XMA decoder: no more XMA voices available")),
124  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XMAStreamBufferTooSmall"), AKTEXT("Failed seeking in XMA source: stream buffer is smaller than XMA block size")),
126  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ModulatorScopeError_Inst"), AKTEXT("Triggered a note-scoped or playing-instance-scoped modulator in a global context (such as a bus or bus effect). Modulator will have global scope.")),
127  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ModulatorScopeError_Obj"), AKTEXT("Triggered a game-object-scoped modulator in a global context (such as a bus or bus effect). Modulator will have global scope.")),
129  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SeekAfterEndOfPlaylist"), AKTEXT("Ignoring seek after end of playlist")),
131  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusRequireSeekTable"), AKTEXT("Seek table required to seek in Opus sources. Please update conversion settings.")),
132  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusDecodeError"), AKTEXT("Opus decoder failure")),
134  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SourcePluginNotFound"), AKTEXT("Source plugin not found in currently loaded banks.")),
136  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_VirtualVoiceLimit"), AKTEXT("Number of Resume and/or Play-From-Beginning virtual voices has reached warning limit (see Project Settings > Log tab). There may be some infinite, leaked voices.")),
138  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NotEnoughMemoryToStart"), AKTEXT("Not enough memory to start sound.")),
139  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnknownOpusError"), AKTEXT("Error while decoding Opus header.")),
141  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceInitFailure"), AKTEXT("The Output Device specified by AddOutput() or Init() could not be initialized.")),
142  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceRemoveFailure"), AKTEXT("ReplaceOutput could not properly remove old output device.")),
143  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceNotFound"), AKTEXT("AkOutputDeviceID not found as an active device in call to function %s")),
144  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceNotValid"), AKTEXT("Device ID not recognized by the platform or is disabled.")),
145  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SpatialAudio_ListenerAutomationNotSupported"), AKTEXT("Early reflections are not supported on sounds using 3D Position: Listener with Automation. The assigned early reflections bus will be ignored.")),
146  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MediaDuplicationLength"), AKTEXT("Duplicated media has different length in bank $b. Check previously unloaded bank. Stopping sound.")),
148  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_HwVoicesSystemInitFailed"), AKTEXT("The hardware-accelerated voice subsystem failed to initialize.")),
149  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_HwVoicesDecodeBatchFailed"), AKTEXT("Hardware accelerated audio decoding failed.")),
150  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_HwVoiceLimitReached"), AKTEXT("Maximum number of hardware-accelerated voices reached. Voice will not play.")),
151  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_HwVoiceInitFailed"), AKTEXT("Failed creating hardware-accelerated voice.")),
152  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusHWCommandFailed"), AKTEXT("Opus HW command failure. Sound will glitch.")),
154  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AddOutputListenerIdWithZeroListeners"), AKTEXT("Non-empty array of listeners specified for AddOutput() but uNumListeners is set to zero.")),
156  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_3DObjectLimitExceeded"), AKTEXT("3D audio object limit exceeded; object %u instigated by voice/bus will be mixed.")),
157  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusHWFatalError"), AKTEXT("Fatal XAPU failure, Opus sounds will glitch while it is being reset.")),
158  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusHWDecodeUnavailable"), AKTEXT("AkInitSettings::uNumSamplesPerFrame value unsupported by Opus hardware decoder. Supported size: 256, 512 and 1024. Opus will be disabled")),
159  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OpusHWTimeout"), AKTEXT("Opus hardware stopped responding ")),
161  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SystemAudioObjectsUnavailable"), AKTEXT("Another process is using Microsoft Spatial Sound objects. Some audio objects may be mixed.")),
163  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AddOutputNoDistinctListener"), AKTEXT("AddOutput() needs unique Listeners for multi-instance outputs using the same shareset.")),
165  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginCannotRunOnObjectConfig"), AKTEXT("Plug-in $p does not support Audio Objects bus configuration.")),
166  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SpatialAudio_ReflectionBusError"), AKTEXT("The playing sound is assigned the same early reflection bus in the Authoring Tool that has been set via AK::SpatialAudio::SetImageSource. Use a unique bus to avoid image source conflicts.")),
167  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_VorbisHWDecodeUnavailable"), AKTEXT("Vorbis Hardware Acceleration library not found. Source will be decoded in software.")),
168  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ExternalSourceNoMemorySize"), AKTEXT("No memory size provided in AkExternalSource structure, but data pointer was used. Fill uiMemorySize.")),
170  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MonitorQueueFull"), AKTEXT("Monitor queue full. Increase the size of uMonitorQueuePoolSize. Message size %u bytes")),
171  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MonitorMsgTooLarge"), AKTEXT("Monitor queue message is too large. Increase the size of uMonitorQueuePoolSize. Message size %u bytes)")),
173  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NonCompliantDeviceMemory"), AKTEXT("Non-compliant device memory detected. Device memory is required for hardware acceleration.")),
175  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_JobWorkerFuncCallMismatch"), AKTEXT("Job worker function was called more often than it was requested. Check your sound engine integration.")),
176  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_JobMgrOutOfMemory"), AKTEXT("Job Manager ran out of memory. Significant loss of performance or instability may occur.")),
177  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidFileSize"), AKTEXT("Invalid file size for: %s at path %s")),
178  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginMsg"), AKTEXT("%s (Plugin: $p)")),
180  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SinkOpenSL"), AKTEXT("AkSink, OpenSL Event %s on %s:")),
181  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioOutOfRange"), AKTEXT("Wwise audio out of range: %s")),
182  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioOutOfRangeOnBus"), AKTEXT("Wwise audio out of range: %s, bus ID $w")),
183  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioOutOfRangeOnBusFx"), AKTEXT("Wwise audio out of range : Bus Effect %u, bus ID $w")),
184  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioOutOfRangeRay"), AKTEXT("Wwise audio out of range : %s, ray %u")),
185  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnknownDialogueEvent"), AKTEXT("Unknown Dialogue Event: %s")),
186  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_FailedPostingEvent"), AKTEXT("Failed posting event: %s")),
187  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_OutputDeviceInitializationFailed"), AKTEXT("Initialization of output device failed.")),
188  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnloadBankFailed"), AKTEXT("Unload bank failed, requested bank was not found: %s")),
190  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginFileNotFound"), AKTEXT("Could not find plug-in dynamic library: %s")),
191  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginFileIncompatible"), AKTEXT("Incompatible plug-in dynamic library file: %s")),
192  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginFileNotEnoughMemoryToStart"), AKTEXT("System ran out of resources while loading plug-in dynamic library: %s")),
193  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginFileInvalid"), AKTEXT("Not a plug-in dynamic library: %s")),
194  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginFileRegisterFailed"), AKTEXT("Could not register plug-in: %s")),
196  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnknownArgument"), AKTEXT("Unknown Argument Value name: %s")),
198  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_DynamicSequenceAlreadyClosed"), AKTEXT("Dynamic Sequence already closed.")),
199  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PendingActionDestroyed"), AKTEXT("Pending action was destroyed because a critical memory allocation failed.")),
200  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CrossFadeTransitionIgnored"), AKTEXT("Cross-Fade transition ignored: Estimated length not available. Make sure sounds with Cross-Fade transitions virtual mode are set to \"Play from elapsed time\" and that only sounds with finite duration are used.")),
201  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MusicRendererSeekingFailed"), AKTEXT("Music Renderer: Seeking failed. Music will continue from current position.")),
203  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_DynamicSequenceIdNotFound"), AKTEXT("Dynamic Sequence ID not found: %u")),
205  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_BusNotFoundByName"), AKTEXT("Bus %s not found in Init bank.")),
207  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceShareSetNotFound"), AKTEXT("Audio Device ShareSet not found in Init bank.")),
208  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioDeviceShareSetNotFoundByName"), AKTEXT("Audio Device ShareSet not found in Init bank: %s")),
210  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineTooManyGameObjects"), AKTEXT("%s - Too many game objects in array. Count: %u; Limit: %u")),
211  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineTooManyPositions"), AKTEXT("%s: too many positions. Count: %u; Limit: %u")),
212  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineCantCallOnChildBus"), AKTEXT("Can't call %s on child bus. Use on Master busses only.")),
213  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEnginePlayingIdNotFound"), AKTEXT("Playing ID %u not found in function %s.")),
214  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineInvalidTransform"), AKTEXT("Invalid transform in function %s.")),
215  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineTooManyEventPosts"), AKTEXT("Too many event posts on event. Function %s; Event $w; Count: %u; Limit: %u")),
217  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioSubsystemStoppedResponding"), AKTEXT("Hardware audio subsystem stopped responding. Silent mode is enabled.")),
219  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NotEnoughMemInFunction"), AKTEXT("Not enough memory to complete the operation in %s")),
220  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_FXNotFound"), AKTEXT("Effect Shareset not found in function %s")),
221  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetMixerNotABus"), AKTEXT("SetMixer can only apply to Bus or Aux Bus.")),
222  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioNodeNotFound"), AKTEXT("Audio node not found in call to %s")),
223  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetMixerFailed"), AKTEXT("SetMixer: Plug-in instanciation failed.")),
224  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetBusConfigUnsupported"), AKTEXT("SetBusConfig cannot modify master bus speaker configuration, it is dictated by the audio hardware.")),
225  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_BusNotFound"), AKTEXT("%s: Bus not found in Init bank.")),
227  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MismatchingMediaSize"), AKTEXT("Mismatching media size error for file $m. Possibly caused by mismatching sound bank or WEM resources. WEM is %u bytes and sound bank expects %u bytes.")),
228  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_IncompatibleBankVersion"), AKTEXT("Load bank failed : incompatible bank version. Bank was generated with %s version of Wwise. The Bank version is %i and the current runtime SDK version is %i (%s)")),
229  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_UnexpectedPrepareGameSyncsCall"), AKTEXT("Unexpected call to PrepareGameSyncs. See: \"bEnableGameSyncPreparation\" parameter in AkInitSettings for more information")),
230  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MusicEngineNotInitialized"), AKTEXT("Music engine not initialized. Content can not be loaded from bank.")),
231  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_LoadingBankMismatch"), AKTEXT("Type mismatch while loading bank. Object $w is a %s in the currently loading bank. It was a %s in bank $b")),
232  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MasterBusStructureNotLoaded"), AKTEXT("Output bus $w not found. Make sure that the Init bank is loaded first.")),
233  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TooManyChildren"), AKTEXT("Too many children in one single container. Current count: %u; Limit: %u")),
234  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_BankContainUneditableEffect"), AKTEXT("Warning: Bank contains rendered source effects which can't be edited in Wwise")),
235  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MemoryAllocationFailed"), AKTEXT("Memory allocation failed: %u bytes in category '%s' - media?: %s - device?: %s - currently allocated %u / %u bytes")),
236  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidFloatPriority"), AKTEXT("Invalid floating point value detected: non-finite(or NaN) priority.")),
237  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundLoadFailedInsufficientMemory"), AKTEXT("Insufficient memory preparing media. Sound will not play.")),
238  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NXDeviceRegistrationFailed"), AKTEXT("NX audio device notification registration failed, output format changes will not be detected.")),
239  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MixPluginOnObjectBus"), AKTEXT("Mixer plugins not supported on object busses")),
240  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XboxXMAVoiceResetFailed"), AKTEXT("XMA Voice Reset failed, voice may leak.")),
241  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XboxACPMessage"), AKTEXT("ACP_MESSAGE: %s")),
242  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XboxFrameDropped"), AKTEXT("XMA Error, frame dropped. Audible glitch possible.")),
243  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XboxACPError"), AKTEXT("ACP ERROR: %s")),
244  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_XboxXMAFatalError"), AKTEXT("XMA Fatal Error, sound will be terminated.")),
245  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MissingMusicNodeParent"), AKTEXT("Missing music node parent. Make sure all banks containing music structures are completely loaded.")),
246  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_HardwareOpusDecoderError"), AKTEXT("Hardware Opus Decoder error: %i. Sound killed.")),
247  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryTooManyTriangleConnected"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometry - More than two triangles (%i, %i, %i) are connected to the same edge [%i, %i].")),
248  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryTriangleTooLarge"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometry - Triangle %i formed by vertices [%i, %i, %i] is too large.")),
249  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryFailed"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometry: error setting geometry (ID=%llu)")),
250  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_RemovingGeometrySetFailed"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::RemoveGeometry: error removing geometry set (ID=%llu)")),
251  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryInstanceFailed"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometryInstance: error setting geometry instance (ID=%llu)")),
252  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_RemovingGeometryInstanceFailed"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::RemoveGeometryInstance: error removing geometry instance (ID=%llu)")),
254  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_RevertingToDefaultAudioDevice"), AKTEXT("Reverting to default Built-in Audio Device.")),
255  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_RevertingToDummyAudioDevice"), AKTEXT("Reverting to Dummy Audio Device (no output).")),
256  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioThreadSuspended"), AKTEXT("Audio thread suspended. Audio output will be silent.")),
257  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AudioThreadResumed"), AKTEXT("Audio thread resumed, audio restarts.")),
258  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ResetPlaylistActionIgnoredGlobalScope"), AKTEXT("Reset playlist action with a game object specific scope is ignored on a global container.")),
259  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ResetPlaylistActionIgnoredContinuous"), AKTEXT("Reset playlist action on a continuous container is ignored.")),
260  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PlayingTriggerRateNotSupported"), AKTEXT("Playing a trigger-rate container as part of a sample-accurate playlist is not supported and will sound out-of-sync.")),
261  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryTriangleIsSkipped"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometry - Triangle number %i is skipped because it is invalid; two or more of its vertices are at the same position.")),
262  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGeometryInstanceInvalidTransform"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGeometryInstance - Transform is not valid.")),
264  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetGameObjectRadiusSizeError"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetGameObjectRadius: Outer radius must be greater than inner radius.")),
265  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetPortalNonDistinctRoom"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetPortal: Portal \"%s\" (ID:%llu) must have a front room which is distinct from its back room.")),
266  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SetPortalInvalidExtent"), AKTEXT("AK::SpatialAudio::SetPortal: Invalid extent. Extent dimensions must be positive.")),
267  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SpatialAudio_PortalNotFound"), AKTEXT("Portal %u not found in function %s.")),
269  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidFloatInFunction"), AKTEXT("Invalid float in parameter %s of function %s")),
270  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_FLTMAXNotSupported"), AKTEXT("%s: FLT_MAX not supported")),
272  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotInitializeAmbisonicChannelConfiguration"), AKTEXT("Cannot initialize with ambisonic channel configuration, reverting to standard configuration.")),
273  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CannotInitializePassthrough"), AKTEXT("Cannot initialize passthrough. Passthrough and objects will be disabled.")),
274  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_3DAudioUnsupportedSize"), AKTEXT("AkInitSettings::uNumSamplesPerFrame set to a value that is not 256, 512, or 1024. 3D Audio will be disabled.")),
275  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AmbisonicNotAvailable"), AKTEXT("Ambisonic is only available with 3D audio. 3D audio is not enabled in the audio device shareset, reverting to standard configuration.")),
277  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NoAudioDevice"), AKTEXT("No audio device found on system.")),
279  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_Support"), AKTEXT("Internal error, contact Support with this information: %s")),
280  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_ReplayMessage"), AKTEXT("Replay: %s")),
281  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_GameMessage"), AKTEXT("%s (Game Message)")),
282  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TestMessage"), AKTEXT("%s")),
283  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TranslatorStandardTagTest"), AKTEXT("%i %f %u %s %llu %l %le %lle %y")), //(The l, le, lle tag doesn't exist and serve to check if the llu tags conditions are working)
284  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TranslatorWwiseTagTest"), AKTEXT("$$w $y $b $g $m $p $w $s $s $w")),
285  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TranslatorStringSizeTest"), AKTEXT("%s%s")),
287  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_InvalidParameter"), AKTEXT("Invalid parameter %s in function call %s")),
289  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MaxAudioObjExceeded"), AKTEXT("Microsoft Spatial Sound: Too many dynamic objects. Some sounds may not play.")),
290  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_MMSNotEnabled"), AKTEXT("Microsoft Spatial Sound not enabled by user.")),
291  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NotEnoughSystemObj"), AKTEXT("System does not meet minimum requirement for System Audio Objects. System Audio Objects will be mixed.")),
292  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NotEnoughSystemObjWin"), AKTEXT("AkPlatformInitSettings::uMaxSystemAudioObjects (%u) does not meet minimum requirement of %u System Audio Objects. System Audio Objects will be mixed.")),
294  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_TransitionNotAccurateSourceTooShort"), AKTEXT("Transition not sample-accurate, the new source is shorter than two audio frames. Use a software codec to support this case.")),
295  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_AlreadyInitialized"), AKTEXT("Sound Engine was already initialized. New settings ignored.")),
296  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_WrongNumberOfArguments"), AKTEXT("Wrong number of Arguments for Dialogue Event argument list in function: %s. Expected %i, got %i.")),
297  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_DataAlignement"), AKTEXT("Bank or Media pointer not aligned to %i bytes.")),
299  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_PluginMsgWithShareSet"), AKTEXT("%s (Plugin: $p Shareset: $w)")),
300  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SoundEngineNotInit"), AKTEXT("SoundEngine is not initalized yet or Init bank has not been loaded. Function: %s.")),
301  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NoDefaultSwitch"), AKTEXT("No default Switch value selected in group $s.")),
302  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_CantSetBoundSwitch"), AKTEXT("Switch $s is bound to RTPC $w. It can not be set directly.")),
304  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_IODeviceInitFailed"), AKTEXT("I/O Device initialization failed. Streaming from file will not be possible.")),
305  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_SwitchListEmpty"), AKTEXT("Switch Group $s has no Switch Values. Switch container will do nothing.")),
306  ERROR_CODE_DEF(AKTEXT("ErrorCode_NoSwitchSelected"), AKTEXT("No Switch Group selected for this Switch container.")),
307  };
309  static_assert((sizeof(s_aszMonitorErrorInfos) / sizeof(s_aszMonitorErrorInfos[0])) == AK::Monitor::Num_ErrorCodes, "ARRAYSIZE(AK::Monitor::s_aszMonitorErrorInfos) is not matching AK::Monitor::Num_ErrorCodes, make sure they are maintained at the same time.");
310  }
312 }
@ Num_ErrorCodes
Definition: AkMonitorError.h:362
Audiokinetic namespace.
V1::Notifications::Monitor Monitor
Latest version of the C++ Monitor notification interface.
Definition: Notifications.h:203
#define ERROR_CODE_DEF(in_name, in_msg)
Definition: AkMonitorError.h:32
#define AKTEXT(x)
Definition: AkTypes.h:98
const MonitorErrorInfo s_aszMonitorErrorInfos[Num_ErrorCodes]

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