Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

External sources conversion. Converts the external sources files for the specified project. Optionally, additional WSOURCES can be specified. External Sources are a special type of source that you can put in a sound object in Wwise. It indicates that the real sound data will be provided at runtime. While external source conversion can be triggered by SoundBank generation, this operation can be used to process sources not contained in the Wwise Project. Refer to Integrating External Sources.


WwiseConsole convert-external-source "C:\MyProject\MyProject.wproj"

Converts external sources of MyProject.wproj for all platforms using the current project settings.



The path to the project file (.wproj).

Arguments Schema



Disables writing to hidden 'wwise.dat' files when converting audio files. This is useful when calling from a build tool that already handles file dependencies, as it allows multiple instances of Wwise to convert to the same directory simultaneously, without conflicting. Note that this option does not prevent the reading of existing hidden 'wwise.dat' files.

--output PLATFORM1 PATH1 --output PLATFORM2 PATH2 ...
--output PATH

Allows you to follow this option with a platform, and a path to an output directory to override the output directory of this platform. Repeat this option for other platforms. If only an output directory is specified, sources for all platforms are generated in that directory.

--platform PLATFORM
--platform PLATFORM1 PLATFORM2 ...
--platform PLATFORM1 --platform PLATFORM2 ...

Specifies for which platforms the sources are converted using the project settings. This option must be followed by the platform identifiers.


Disables all non-error console text output.

--source-by-platform PLATFORM FILE
--source-by-platform PLATFORM1 FILE1 --source-by-platform PLATFORM2 FILE2 ...

Specifies the WSOURCES files to use by platform. When specified for a specific platform, it overrides the WSOURCES files from the project settings for this platform. For platforms for which this is not specified, the project settings are used. Specify the platform first, then the WSOURCES files to use for this platform. Repeat the operation for each platform and WSOURCES file.

--source-file FILE
--source-file FILE1 FILE2 ...

Specifies the WSOURCES files to use. Those WSOURCES files are used for all platforms.


Enables extra console text output.

Options Schema


A WwiseConsole.exe exit code of 0 means success, 1 means at least one error (and potentially warnings) occurred, and 2 means that only warnings occurred.

Result Schema

Refer to Using the Command Line for more information about Wwise Console.

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