Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

Retrieve global Wwise information.


Name Type Description
sessionId * string Wwise session id.
An object GUID of the form: {aabbcc00-1122-3344-5566-77889900aabb}.
apiVersion * number Version of the Wwise Authoring API. Range: [1,*]
displayName * string Wwise display name.
branch * string Branch built.
copyright * string Copyright information.
version * object Wwise version object.
version.displayName * string Wwise version name.
version.year * integer Version year. Range: [2000,2100]
version.major * integer Version's major number Range: [0,100]
version.minor * integer Version's minor number. Range: [0,100] * integer Build number. Range: [1,*]
version.nickname * string Special name given to a version.
version.schema * integer Schema version for the Wwise Project and Work Units. Range: [1,*]
configuration * string Indicates a release or debug build. Possible values:
  • release
  • debug
platform * string Indicates the platform on which Wwise was built. Possible values:
  • x64
  • win32
  • macosx
  • linux
isCommandLine * boolean Indicates if Wwise is running in command line.
processId * integer The process identifier of Wwise.
processPath * string The process path of Wwise.
directories * object Collection of directories used by Wwise.
directories.install * string The root directory of Wwise. This is the installation directory.
directories.authoring * string The Wwise Authoring root directory
directories.bin * string The bin directory, where Wwise.exe is located. * string The help directory.
directories.user * string The Wwise user data directory root.

(Required *)

Result Schema

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Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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