Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

Sent when a new entry is added to the capture log. Note that all entries are being sent. No filtering is applied as opposed to the Capture Log view.


Name Type Description
types array Defines which types of capture log items to receive. This filter can help to reduce the amount of data serialized. When no types are specified, all types are being sent.
types [...] string Possible values:
  • Notification
  • InteractiveMusic
  • Midi
  • ExternalSource
  • Marker
  • State
  • Switch
  • SetParameter
  • ParameterChanged
  • Bank
  • Prepare
  • Event
  • DialogueEventResolved
  • ActionTriggered
  • ActionDelayed
  • Message
  • APICall
  • GameObjectRegistration

Options Schema


Name Type Description
type * string The entry type. Equivalent to the Type column in the Capture Log.
time * integer The time at which the event occurred. This is the elapsed time in milliseconds since the initialization of the sound engine.
Integer 32-bit. Range: [-2147483648,2147483647]
objectId string The ID (GUID) of the object for the entry.
An object GUID of the form: {aabbcc00-1122-3344-5566-77889900aabb}.
objectName string The name of the object for the entry.
objectShortId integer The short ID (32-bit) of the object for the entry.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]
gameObjectId integer The game object ID for the entry.
A game object ID, unsigned integer 64-bit. Range: [0,18446744073709551615]
gameObjectName string The game object name for the entry.
playingId integer The playing ID for the entry.
Unsigned Integer 32-bit. Range: [0,4294967295]
description * string The description for the entry. Equivalent to the Description column in the Capture Log.
severity * string Normal: normal execution. Message: Shown in yellow in the capture log. Error: Shown in red in the capture log. Possible values:
  • Normal
  • Message
  • Error
errorCodeName string The error code name for the entry.

(Required *)

Publish Schema

See Also

Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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