Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Querying the CPU usage at a point in time.

Queries the CPU usage in the current capture session at the latest capture time.

Function URI



"time": "capture"


"return": [
"elementName": "Interactive Music",
"id": 52494344,
"instances": 1,
"percentInclusive": 0.1809375137090683,
"percentExclusive": 0.001875000074505806,
"millisecondsInclusive": 0.019300000742077827,
"millisecondsExclusive": 0.00019999999494757503,
"type": "Global Extension"
"elementName": "Meter",
"id": 8454147,
"instances": 3,
"percentInclusive": 0.1678125113248825,
"percentExclusive": 0.1678125113248825,
"millisecondsInclusive": 0.017899999395012856,
"millisecondsExclusive": 0.017899999395012856,
"type": "Effect"

Refer to Using the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) for more information about Wwise Authoring API.

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