Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generated Options Schema


"type": "object",
"properties": {
"infoFile": {
"type": "boolean",
"description": "Embed the JSON SoundBank info file in the response."
"bankData": {
"type": "boolean",
"description": "Embed the base64 SoundBank data in the response."
"pluginInfo": {
"type": "boolean",
"description": "Embed the JSON PluginInfo file in the response."
"return": {
"type": "array",
"description": "Data to be returned for the SoundBank generated. Refer to \\ref wobjects_index for more information on the properties available.\\n The array of return expressions defines which elements of the Wwise object is returned. This can include built-in accessors, such as the name or id, or object properties, such as the Volume or the Pitch.",
"items": {
"description": "A return expression.",
"anyOf": [
"type": "string",
"description": "Specifies one or many of the built-in accessors for Wwise objects.",
"enum": [
"type": "string",
"description": "Specifies one or many dot-separated accessors that form a query and yields a value or an object reference. Specifying a single @ returns the value of the property for the associated object. Specifying a double @@ returns the value of the property for the source of override. Refer to \\ref wobjects_index ."
"additionalProperties": false

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