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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Android-Specific AkPlatformInitSettings

This page contains information about the Android-specific initialization settings.

AkThreadProperties threadLEngine Lower engine threading properties.
AkThreadProperties threadOutputMgr Ouput thread threading properties.
AkThreadProperties threadBankManager Bank manager threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL).
AkThreadProperties threadMonitor Monitor threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVENORMAL). This parameter is not used in Release build.
AkAudioAPI eAudioAPI Main audio API to use. Leave to AkAPI_Default for the default sink (default value).
AkUInt32 uSampleRate Sampling Rate. Set to 0 to get the native sample rate. Default value is 0.
AkUInt16 uNumRefillsInVoice Number of refill buffers in voice buffer. Defaults to 4.
bool bRoundFrameSizeToHWSize Used when hardware-preferred frame size and user-preferred frame size (AkInitSettings.uNumSamplesPerFrame) are not compatible.
If true (default) the sound engine will initialize to a multiple of the HW setting, close to the user setting.
If false, the user setting is used as is, regardless of the HW preference (might incur a performance hit).
SLObjectItf pSLEngine OpenSL engine reference for sharing between various audio components.
JavaVM* pJavaVM Active JavaVM for the app, used for internal system calls. Usually provided through the android_app structure given at startup or the NativeActivity. This parameter needs to be set to allow the sound engine initialization.
jobject jActivity instance for this application. Usually provided through the android_app structure, or through other means if your application has an overridden activity.
bool bVerboseSink Enable this to inspect sink behavior. Useful for debugging non-standard Android devices.
bool bEnableLowLatency Used the lowest output latency possible for the current hardware. If true (default), the output audio device will be initialized in low-latency operation, allowing for more responsive audio playback on most devices. However, when operating in low-latency mode, some devices may have differences in audio reproduction. If false, the output audio device will be initialized without low-latency operation.

Android-Specific Audio Output API

Use with AkPlatformInitSettings to select the API used for audio output. Use AkAudioAPI_Default, it will select the more appropriate API depending on the computer's capabilities. Other values should be used for testing purposes.

enum AkAudioAPI
AkAudioAPI_AAudio Use AAudio (lower latency, available only for Android 8.1 or above).
AkAudioAPI_OpenSL_ES Use OpenSL ES (older API, compatible with all Android devices).
AkAudioAPI_Default Default value, will select the more appropriate API (AAudio for compatible devices, OpenSL for others).
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