Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ ComputePositioning()

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkMixerPluginContext::ComputePositioning ( const AkPositioningData in_posData,
AkChannelConfig  in_inputConfig,
AkChannelConfig  in_outputConfig,
AK::SpeakerVolumes::MatrixPtr  out_mxVolumes 
pure virtual

Compute the speaker volume matrix of built-in positioning in Wwise from given positioning data and input and output channel configurations. You may use the returned volume matrix with IAkGlobalPluginContext::MixNinNChannels. Any known (non-anonymous) combination of configurations will work. For example, ambisonics will be decoded or encoded if needed.

Note: The function will fail if the input or output configuration is object-based, as the speaker volume matrix would be undefined.

All panning or spatialization types are honored. 3D Spatialization is performed relative to the default listener position (0,0,0) and orientation, where the front vector is (0,0,1) and the top vector is (0,1,0), left handed.

AK_Success if succeeded, AK_InvalidParameter if the input or output configuration is object-based, or AK_Fail if the channel configurations are unknown or unhandled.
See also
in_posDataPositioning data. The field "threeD" is ignored if in_posData.behavioral.spatMode is AK_SpatializationMode_None.
in_inputConfigChannel configuration of the input.
in_outputConfigChannel configuration of the output.
out_mxVolumesReturned volumes matrix. Must be preallocated using AK::SpeakerVolumes::Matrix::GetRequiredSize() (see AK::SpeakerVolumes::Matrix services).

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