Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ GetSinkChannelConfig()

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkPluginContextBase::GetSinkChannelConfig ( AkChannelConfig out_sinkConfig,
Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities out_3dAudioCaps 
) const
pure virtual

Get the expected input of the audio device (sink) at the end of the bus pipeline from the caller's perspective. When called from a bus, the bus hierarchy is traversed upward until the master bus is reached. The audio device connected to this master bus is the sink consulted. When called from a source, the source's output bus is the starting point of the traversal. When called from a sink, that sink is consulted.

AK_Success if the bus hierarchy traversal was successful and a sink was found, AK_Fail otherwise.

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