Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

#include <IAkPlugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK::IAkPluginParam:

Public Member Functions

virtual IAkPluginParamClone (IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator)=0
virtual AKRESULT Init (IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator, const void *in_pParamsBlock, AkUInt32 in_uBlockSize)=0
virtual AKRESULT Term (IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator)=0
virtual AKRESULT SetParamsBlock (const void *in_pParamsBlock, AkUInt32 in_uBlockSize)=0
virtual AKRESULT SetParam (AkPluginParamID in_paramID, const void *in_pValue, AkUInt32 in_uParamSize)=0

Static Public Attributes

static const AkPluginParamID ALL_PLUGIN_DATA_ID = 0x7FFF

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IAkPluginParam ()
 Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AK::IAkRTPCSubscriber
virtual ~IAkRTPCSubscriber ()
 Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. More...

Detailed Description

Parameter node interface, managing access to an enclosed parameter structure.

Note: The implementer of this interface should also expose a static creation function that will return a new parameter node instance when required (see Sound Engine Plug-ins Overview).
See also

Definition at line 619 of file IAkPlugin.h.

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