Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

#include <IAkStreamMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void Destroy ()=0
virtual IAkStreamMgrProfileGetStreamMgrProfile ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static IAkStreamMgrGet ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IAkStreamMgr ()
 Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. More...

Stream creation interface.

static IAkStreamMgrm_pStreamMgr
virtual AKRESULT CreateStd (const AkFileOpenData &in_FileOpen, IAkStdStream *&out_pStream, bool in_bSyncOpen)=0
virtual AKRESULT CreateAuto (const AkFileOpenData &in_FileOpen, const AkAutoStmHeuristics &in_heuristics, AkAutoStmBufSettings *in_pBufferSettings, IAkAutoStream *&out_pStream, bool in_bSyncOpen, bool in_bCaching=false)=0
virtual AKRESULT CreateAuto (void *in_pBuffer, AkUInt64 in_uSize, const AkAutoStmHeuristics &in_heuristics, IAkAutoStream *&out_pStream)=0
virtual AKRESULT PinFileInCache (AkFileID in_fileID, AkFileSystemFlags *in_pFSFlags, AkPriority in_uPriority)=0
virtual AKRESULT UnpinFileInCache (AkFileID in_fileID, AkPriority in_uPriority)=0
virtual AKRESULT UpdateCachingPriority (AkFileID in_fileID, AkPriority in_uPriority, AkPriority in_uOldPriority)=0
virtual AKRESULT GetBufferStatusForPinnedFile (AkFileID in_fileID, AkReal32 &out_fPercentBuffered, bool &out_bCacheFull)=0
virtual AKRESULT RelocateMemoryStream (IAkAutoStream *in_pStream, AkUInt8 *in_pNewStart)=0
 Make a memory stream point to a new area in memory, otherwise keeping the exact same state. More...

Detailed Description

Interface of the Stream Manager.

Warning: The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.

Definition at line 724 of file IAkStreamMgr.h.

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