Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

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virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkStreamMgr::CreateAuto ( const AkFileOpenData in_FileOpen,
const AkAutoStmHeuristics in_heuristics,
AkAutoStmBufSettings in_pBufferSettings,
IAkAutoStream *&  out_pStream,
bool  in_bSyncOpen,
bool  in_bCaching = false 
pure virtual

Create an automatic stream.

AK_Success if the stream was created successfully
Automatic streams can only be in Read mode.
The stream needs to be started explicitly with AK::IAkAutoStream::Start().
This call will eventually delegate the operation to AK::StreamMgr::IAkFileLocationResolver::Open().
See also
in_FileOpenFile name or file ID (only one should be valid), open flags, open mode
in_heuristicsStreaming heuristics
in_pBufferSettingsStream buffer settings (it is recommended to pass NULL in order to use the default settings)
out_pStreamReturned interface to an automatic stream. If the function does not return AK_Success, this pointer is left untouched.
in_bSyncOpenIf true, force the Stream Manager to open file synchronously. Otherwise, it is left to its discretion.
in_bCachingDoes this stream stay in cache

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