Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
AK.Wwise::IAudioPlugin Class Referenceabstract

#include <AudioPlugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK.Wwise::IAudioPlugin:
AK.Wwise::IPluginBase AK.Wwise::DefaultAudioPluginImplementation


struct  MonitorData

Public Types

enum  eDialog { SettingsDialog, ContentsEditorDialog }
enum  NotifyInnerObjectOperation { InnerObjectAdded, InnerObjectRemoved }
 Type of operation for the NotifyInnerObjectAddedRemoved function. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetPluginPropertySet (IPluginPropertySet *in_pPSet)=0
virtual void SetPluginObjectStore (IPluginObjectStore *in_pObjectStore)=0
virtual void SetPluginObjectMedia (IPluginObjectMedia *in_pObjectMedia)=0
virtual bool IsPlayable () const =0
virtual void InitToDefault ()=0
virtual void Delete ()=0
virtual bool Load (AK::IXmlTextReader *in_pReader)=0
virtual bool Save (AK::IXmlTextWriter *in_pWriter)=0
virtual bool CopyInto (IAudioPlugin *io_pWObject) const =0
virtual void NotifyCurrentPlatformChanged (const GUID &in_guidCurrentPlatform)=0
virtual void NotifyPropertyChanged (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName)=0
virtual void NotifyInnerObjectPropertyChanged (IPluginPropertySet *in_pPSet, const GUID &in_guidPlatform, LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName)=0
virtual void NotifyInnerObjectAddedRemoved (IPluginPropertySet *in_pPSet, unsigned int in_uiIndex, NotifyInnerObjectOperation in_eOperation)=0
virtual void NotifyPluginMediaChanged ()=0
virtual bool GetBankParameters (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, IWriteData *in_pDataWriter) const =0
virtual bool GetPluginData (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, AkPluginParamID in_idParam, IWriteData *in_pDataWriter) const =0
virtual HINSTANCE GetResourceHandle () const =0
virtual bool GetDialog (eDialog in_eDialog, UINT &out_uiDialogID, PopulateTableItem *&out_pTable) const =0
virtual bool WindowProc (eDialog in_eDialog, HWND in_hWnd, UINT in_message, WPARAM in_wParam, LPARAM in_lParam, LRESULT &out_lResult)=0
virtual bool DisplayNameForProp (LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName, LPWSTR out_pszDisplayName, UINT in_unCharCount) const =0
virtual bool DisplayNamesForPropValues (LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName, LPWSTR out_pszValuesName, UINT in_unCharCount) const =0
virtual bool Help (HWND in_hWnd, eDialog in_eDialog, LPCWSTR in_szLanguageCode) const =0
virtual void NotifyMonitorData (AkTimeMs in_iTimeStamp, const MonitorData *in_pDataArray, unsigned int in_uCount, bool in_bNeedsByteSwap, bool in_bRealtime)=0
virtual IPluginMediaConverterGetPluginMediaConverterInterface ()=0
virtual AK::Wwise::LicenseStatus GetLicenseStatus (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, AK::Wwise::Severity &out_eSeverity, LPWSTR out_pszMessage, unsigned int in_uiBufferSize)=0
virtual bool GetSourceDuration (double &out_dblMinDuration, double &out_dblMaxDuration) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from AK.Wwise::IPluginBase
virtual void Destroy ()=0

Detailed Description

Wwise plug-in interface. This must be implemented for each source or effect plug-in that is exposed in Wwise.

Warning: The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
See also

Definition at line 329 of file AudioPlugin.h.

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