Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ GetLicenseStatus()

virtual LicenseStatus AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::License::GetLicenseStatus ( const GUID in_guidPlatform,
Severity out_eSeverity,
char *  out_pszMessage,
unsigned int  in_uiBufferSize 
) const

Retrieve the licensing status of the plug-in for the given platform.

[in]in_guidPlatformGUID of the platform.
[out]out_eSeverity(Optional) If set, the string placed in out_pszMessage will be shown in the log with the corresponding severity.
[out]out_pszMessagePointer to the buffer of size in_uiBufferSize that will hold the message string.
[in]in_uiBufferSizeNull-terminated size of the buffer pointed by out_pszMessage.
Licensing status of the plug-in; LicenseStatus_Unlicensed or LicenseStatus_Expired will prevent the plug-in from being included in a SoundBank.
See also

Definition at line 182 of file License.h.

References AK.Wwise::LicenseStatus_Valid.

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