AK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkList< Type, Arg_Type > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include <SourceControlContainers.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void Reserve (size_t in_capacity)
unsigned int GetCount () const
virtual unsigned int GetSize () const =0
virtual bool IsEmpty () const =0
virtual void AddHead (Arg_Type in_newElement)=0
virtual void AddTail (Arg_Type in_newElement)=0
virtual void RemoveHead ()=0
virtual void RemoveTail ()=0
virtual void RemoveAt (AkPos in_position)=0
virtual void RemoveAll ()=0
virtual Type & GetHead ()=0
virtual const Type & GetHead () const =0
virtual Type & GetTail ()=0
virtual const Type & GetTail () const =0
virtual AkPos GetHeadPosition () const =0
virtual AkPos GetTailPosition () const =0
virtual Type & GetNext (AkPos &in_rPosition)=0
virtual const Type & GetNext (AkPos &in_rPosition) const =0
virtual Type & GetPrev (AkPos &in_rPosition)=0
virtual const Type & GetPrev (AkPos &in_rPosition) const =0
virtual Type & GetAt (AkPos in_position)=0
virtual const Type & GetAt (AkPos in_position) const =0
virtual Type & GetAt (unsigned int in_index)=0
virtual const Type & GetAt (unsigned int in_index) const =0
virtual void SetAt (AkPos in_pos, Arg_Type in_newElement)=0
virtual AkPos InsertBefore (AkPos in_position, Arg_Type in_newElement)=0
virtual AkPos InsertAfter (AkPos in_position, Arg_Type in_newElement)=0

Detailed Description

template<class Type, class Arg_Type = const Type&>
class AK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkList< Type, Arg_Type >

Template parameters:

  • Type: Class of object stored in the list.
  • Arg_Type: Type used to reference objects stored in the list. Can be a reference. By default, this is a reference to the type.
Warning: The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
Note: The class implementing this interface is a wrapper around the MFC CList class. Documentation can be found on MSDN.

Definition at line 59 of file SourceControlContainers.h.

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