Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Writing the Authoring Part of an Audio Plug-in
Note: If you intend to update an existing plug-in, consult Migrating to 2021.1 Authoring Plug-in API.

The Authoring plug-in is composed of two files:

  • An XML definition of the model, that is the plug-in's properties.
  • A dynamic library (.dll) providing the implementation of SoundBank generation and a graphical interface.

The dynamic library must link to the Sound Engine part of the plug-in.

Refer to Writing the Sound Engine Part of an Audio Plug-in for more details on this part of the plug-in.

Authoring Plug-in C/C++ API

The Authoring plug-in C/C++ API is provided in:

  • <Wwise>/SDK/include/AK/Wwise/Plugin

The C++ API can be found under the AK::Wwise::Plugin namespace.

Note: A new API for the Authoring Plug-in API has been added in Wwise SDK 2021.1.

The pre-2021.1 API is still provided for compatibility, but it is now deprecated and will be removed in the next version of Wwise.


The C++ API requires a C++17 compliant compiler.

Refer to Platform Requirements for more details.

More Details

See Packaging Your Plug-in for the Audiokinetic Launcher for information on how to install your plug-in so it is available in Wwise. Wwise Source and Effect Plug-in Troubleshooting Guide will help you resolve problems you might encounter.

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