Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
JavaScript, Node.js - HTTP POST

This example performs the same function as the WAMP example, but this time using HTTP POST.

Initializing the project

Note: This example requires the most recent Node.js LTS to be installed.

Run the following command from the sample directory <Wwise installation path>/SDK/samples/WwiseAuthoringAPI/js/hello-wwise-node-http to install dependencies.

npm install

Project Code

The sample file, index.js, in the hello-wwise-node-wamp sample directory performs an RPC call to Wwise Authoring API using HTTP POST.

// Copyright Audiokinetic Inc.
(() => {
const axios = require('axios');
const ak = require('../../../../include/AK/WwiseAuthoringAPI/js/waapi.js').ak;
const data = {
uri: ak.wwise.core.getInfo,
options: {},
args: {}
const handleResponse = (status, headers, objectPayload) => {
if (status != 200) {
if (headers["content-type"] == "application/json") {
console.log(`Error: ${objectPayload.uri}: ${JSON.stringify(objectPayload)}`);
} else {
console.log(`Error: ${Buffer.from(objectPayload).toString("utf8")}`);
} else {
console.log(`Hello ${objectPayload.displayName} ${objectPayload.version.displayName}`);
method: "post",
url: "",
data: data,
headers: { "content-type": "application/json" }
}).then((response) => {
handleResponse(response.status, response.headers,;
}).catch((err) => {
if (err.response) {
handleResponse(err.response.status, err.response.headers,;
} else {
console.log(`Error: ${err.message}`);

Note: The line var ak = require('../../../../include/AK/WwiseAuthoringAPI/js/waapi.js').ak imports a declaration of the API paths.

It is located in <Wwise installation path>/SDK/include/AK/WwiseAuthoringAPI/js.

For the sample, the path to this file is relative to the sample's location.

Running the project

Run the following command:

node index.js

If the Wwise Authoring API successfully connects to Wwise, you should see the following output:

Hello Wwise 20??.?.?

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