Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Integrating Codec Plug-Ins


Codec plug-ins are used to provide the opportunity to leave out some audio file formats (such as ADPCM, PCM, Vorbis, and so on) at compilation time to reduce the memory footprint of the sound engine. This document contains the necessary information to allow programmers to use a given codec format in their game.

Note: The Vorbis and Opus formats are the only codecs that currently supports pluggable behavior (in other words, they are optional). However, most sample code already include it.

Integrating Plug-Ins in Your Game

If a sound designer decides to use a codec format in the Wwise project for your game, its decompression plug-in needs to be integrated into your code to be available to the sound engine at runtime. Like all plug-ins in Wwise, you can either link statically or dynamically with the library.

Using Static Libraries

Registration is done automatically if you include the corresponding factory file from SDK/include/AK/Plugin. For example, the factory file for Vorbis is:

For Opus:

Each codec plug-in is provided as an individual library (LIB file) that must be linked into your game. For example, the Vorbis format decoder library is AkVorbisDecoder.lib.

Using Dynamic Link Libraries

For games preferring the use of dynamic libraries (Dll, so, dylib, etc), AkSoundEngineDLL already has the Vorbis and Opus codecs included by default. The same is true for the integrations into Unity and Unreal.

Note: It is necessary to install the Visual Studio 2017 package in order to use AkSoundEngineDLL on Windows.

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