Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ TrimForThread()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API void AK::MemoryMgr::TrimForThread ( )

Allows you to "trim" a thread being used with the memory manager. This is a function that will be called periodically by some Wwise-owned threads, so that any thread-local state can be cleaned up in order to return memory for other systems to use. For example, this can be used to return thread-local heaps to global stores or to finalize other deferred operations. This function is only required for optimization purposes and does not have to be defined. Therefore, unlike TermForThread, this is not expected to be called in all scenarios by Wwise. It is also recommended to be called by game engine integrations in any worker threads that run Wwise jobs. Refer to Best Practices When Using the Job Manager for more information.

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