Wwise SDK 2023.1.5

◆ AudioInterruptionCallbackFunc

typedef void( * AK::SoundEngine::iOS::AudioInterruptionCallbackFunc) (bool in_bEnterInterruption, void *in_pCookie)

iOS-only callback function prototype used for handling audio session interruptions. Implementing this is optional, but useful for application-specific responses to interruptions. For example, an application can enable or disable certain UI elements when an interruption begins and ends.

  • There is no need to call AK::SoundEngine::Suspend() and AK::SoundEngine::WakeupFromSuspend() in this callback. The sound engine call them internally depending on the interruption status.
  • When in_bEnterInterruption is true, this callback is called before the sound engine calls AK::SoundEngine::Suspend(), where the user can take actions to prepare for the suspend, e.g., posting global pause events or switching to a special user interface.
  • When in_bEnterInterruption is false, this callback is called before the sound engine calls AK::SoundEngine::WakeFromSuspend(). In this callback, the user can restore suspended resources, e.g., post global resume events or switch back to the default user interface.
  • To receive a callback after the Sound Engine has woken up from suspend after an interruption, use AK::SoundEngine::RegisterGlobalCallback with the AkGlobalCallbackLocation_WakeupFromSuspend location instead.
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Definition at line 169 of file AkiOSSoundEngine.h.

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