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AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::GetBufferStatusForPinnedEvent ( const char *  in_pszEventName,
AkReal32 out_fPercentBuffered,
bool &  out_bCachePinnedMemoryFull 

Returns information about an Event that was requested to be pinned into cache via AK::SoundEngine::PinEventInStreamCache(). Retrieves the smallest buffer fill-percentage for each file referenced by the event, and whether the cache-pinned memory limit is preventing any of the files from filling up their buffer.

To set the limit for the maximum number of bytes that can be pinned to cache, see AkDeviceSettings
  • AK_Success if command was queued
  • AK_IDNotFound if the Event ID is unknown (not loaded or typo in the ID)
See also
in_pszEventName Name of the event
out_fPercentBuffered Fill-percentage (out of 100) of requested buffer size for least buffered file in the event.
out_bCachePinnedMemoryFull True if at least one file can not complete buffering because the cache-pinned memory limit would be exceeded.

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