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◆ EstimateT60Decay()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SpatialAudio::ReverbEstimation::EstimateT60Decay ( AkReal32  in_volumeCubicMeters,
AkReal32  in_surfaceAreaSquaredMeters,
AkReal32  in_environmentAverageAbsorption,
AkReal32 out_decayEstimate 

Estimate the time taken (in seconds) for the sound reverberation in a physical environment to decay by 60 dB. This is estimated using the Sabine equation. The T60 decay time can be used to drive the decay parameter of a reverb effect.

in_volumeCubicMeters The volume (in cubic meters) of the physical environment. 0 volume or negative volume will give a decay estimate of 0.
in_surfaceAreaSquaredMeters The surface area (in squared meters) of the physical environment. Must be >= AK_SA_MIN_ENVIRONMENT_SURFACE_AREA
in_environmentAverageAbsorption The average absorption amount of the surfaces in the environment. Must be between AK_SA_MIN_ENVIRONMENT_ABSORPTION and 1.
out_decayEstimate Returns the time taken (in seconds) for the reverberation to decay bu 60 dB.

Definition at line 105 of file AkReverbEstimation.h.


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