Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AK::Wwise::Plugin Namespace Reference


 Types of possible XML elements. See MSDN documentation topics for XmlNodeType.
 Possible error codes when writing XML.


class  AutoUndoGroup
class  CBaseInstanceGlue
 PluginInfoGenerator: Associates an existing C Interface with a variable that can be used. Derives from the instance that uses it. More...
class  CBaseInterfaceGlue
 PluginInfoGenerator: For each plug-in interface type, provides a single static instance used throughout this plug-in container. More...
struct  ConversionContext
class  HostInterfaceGlue
 PluginInfoGenerator: Base class for every C++ instance that retrieves a service from the Wwise Authoring host. More...
class  HostInterfaceGlue< CPPInstance, true >
class  IProgress
class  IReadOnlyProperties
 Interfaces used to set and get the properties from a plug in. More...
class  IReadWriteProperties
class  IWriteString
struct  KnownInterfaceClass
 PluginInfoGenerator: Compile-time dictionary of known interface-version. More...
struct  LatestInterfaceVersion
 PluginInfoGenerator: Defines a compile-time dictionary with the latest version known to the SDK for each interface. More...
struct  LicenseID
struct  MonitorData
struct  OpenedConvertedFile
struct  PluginInfoGenerator
 C++ PluginInfo Generator. More...
struct  PluginInfoTLS
 The interface information of the plug-in currently being instantiated. More...
class  PluginMFCWindows
 Initializes MFC for this plug-in. More...
struct  PopulateTableItem
class  RequestedHostInterface
 PluginInfoGenerator: Requests a host-provided service, and optionally receives a variable containing the default instance. More...
class  RequestedHostInterface< DataWriter >
class  RequestedHostInterface< FrontendModel >
class  RequestedHostInterface< Host >
class  RequestedHostInterface< LinkBackend >
class  RequestedHostInterface< LinkFrontend >
class  RequestedHostInterface< ObjectMedia >
class  RequestedHostInterface< ObjectStore >
class  RequestedHostInterface< PropertySet >
class  RequestedHostInterface< TestService >
class  RequestedHostInterface< UndoManager >
class  RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader >
class  RequestedHostInterface< XmlWriter >
struct  RiffHeader


using CAudioPlugin = V1::CAudioPlugin
 Latest version of the C AudioPlugin interface. More...
using AudioPlugin = V1::AudioPlugin
 Latest version of the C++ AudioPlugin interface. More...
using CCustomData = V1::CCustomData
 Latest version of the C CustomData interface. More...
using CustomData = V1::CustomData
 Latest version of the C++ CustomData interface. More...
using CFirstTimeCreationMessage = V1::CFirstTimeCreationMessage
 Latest version of the C FirstTimeCreationMessage interface. More...
using FirstTimeCreationMessage = V1::FirstTimeCreationMessage
 Latest version of the C++ FirstTimeCreationMessage interface. More...
using CFrontend = V1::CFrontend
 Latest version of the C Frontend interface. More...
using Frontend = V1::Frontend
 Latest version of the C++ Frontend interface. More...
using CGUIWindows = V1::CGUIWindows
 Latest version of the C GUIWindows interface. More...
using GUIWindows = V1::GUIWindows
 Latest version of the C++ GUIWindows interface. More...
using CHost = V2::CHost
 Latest version of the C Host interface. More...
using Host = V2::Host
 Latest version of the C++ Host interface. More...
using RequestHost = V2::RequestHost
 Latest version of the requested C++ Host interface. More...
using CHostDataWriter = V1::CHostDataWriter
 Latest version of the C DataWriter interface. More...
using DataWriter = V1::DataWriter
 Latest version of the C++ DataWriter interface. More...
using RequestWrite = V1::RequestWrite
 Latest version of the requested C++ DataWriter interface. More...
using CHostFrontendModel = V1::CHostFrontendModel
 Latest version of the C FrontendModel interface. More...
using FrontendModel = V1::FrontendModel
 Latest version of the C++ FrontendModel interface. More...
using RequestFrontendModel = V1::RequestFrontendModel
 Latest version of the requested C++ FrontendModel interface. More...
using CHostObjectMedia = V1::CHostObjectMedia
 Latest version of the C ObjectMedia interface. More...
using ObjectMedia = V1::ObjectMedia
 Latest version of the C++ ObjectMedia interface. More...
using RequestObjectMedia = V1::RequestObjectMedia
 Latest version of the requested C++ ObjectMedia interface. More...
using CHostObjectStore = V1::CHostObjectStore
 Latest version of the C ObjectStore interface. More...
using ObjectStore = V1::ObjectStore
 Latest version of the C++ ObjectStore interface. More...
using RequestObjectStore = V1::RequestObjectStore
 Latest version of the requested C++ ObjectStore interface. More...
using CHostPropertySet = V1::CHostPropertySet
 Latest version of the C PropertySet interface. More...
using PropertySet = V1::PropertySet
 Latest version of the C++ PropertySet interface. More...
using RequestPropertySet = V1::RequestPropertySet
 Latest version of the requested C++ PropertySet interface. More...
using CUndoEvent = V1::CUndoEvent
 Latest version of the C UndoEvent interface. More...
using BaseUndoEvent = V1::BaseUndoEvent
 Latest version of the C++ BaseUndoEvent interface. More...
template<typename Backend >
using UndoEvent = V1::UndoEvent< Backend >
 Latest version of the C++ UndoEvent template helper. More...
template<typename BackendDerivedClass >
using DynamicUndoEvent = V1::DynamicUndoEvent< BackendDerivedClass >
 Latest version of the C++ DynamicUndoEvent template helper. More...
using CHostUndoManager = V1::CHostUndoManager
 Latest version of the C UndoManager interface. More...
using UndoManager = V1::UndoManager
 Latest version of the C++ UndoManager interface. More...
using RequestUndoManager = V1::RequestUndoManager
 Latest version of the requested C++ UndoManager interface. More...
using CHostXml = V1::CHostXml
 Latest version of the C XML interface. More...
using XmlReader = V1::XmlReader
 Latest version of the C++ XmlReader interface. More...
using XmlWriter = V1::XmlWriter
 Latest version of the C++ XmlWriter interface. More...
using RequestXml = V1::RequestXml
 Latest version of the requested C++ XML interface. More...
using CLicense = V1::CLicense
 Latest version of the C License interface. More...
using License = V1::License
 Latest version of the C++ License interface. More...
using CMediaConverter = V1::CMediaConverter
 Latest version of the C MediaConverter interface. More...
using MediaConverter = V1::MediaConverter
 Latest version of the C++ MediaConverter interface. More...
using CBaseInterface = ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface
 Interface description and base class for every Wwise Authoring plug-in interface. More...
using CInterfacePtr = ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
using CInterfaceArrayItem = ak_wwise_plugin_interface_array_item
 A single instantiatable plug-in interface. More...
using CPluginInfo = ak_wwise_plugin_info
using CPluginContainer = ak_wwise_plugin_container
 Root interface allowing a logical unit (variable, library) to contain more than one interface. More...
using CWidget = ak_wwise_plugin_widget
using BaseInterface = CBaseInterface
 Interface description and base class for every Wwise Authoring plug-in interface. More...
using InterfacePtr = CInterfacePtr
using InterfaceArrayItem = CInterfaceArrayItem
 A single instantiatable plug-in interface. More...
using PluginInfo = CPluginInfo
using PluginContainer = CPluginContainer
 Root interface allowing a logical unit (variable, library) to contain more than one interface. More...
using Widget = CWidget
using InterfaceType = decltype(BaseInterface::m_interface)
 PluginInfoGenerator: Type for the m_interface value in BaseInterface. More...
using InterfaceTypeValue = std::underlying_type< InterfaceType >::type
 PluginInfoGenerator: Underlying storage type for the m_interface value in BaseInterface. More...
using InterfaceVersion = decltype(BaseInterface::m_version)
 PluginInfoGenerator: Type for the m_version value in BaseInterface. More...
using CLinkBackend = V1::CLinkBackend
 Latest version of the C LinkBackend interface. More...
using LinkBackend = V1::LinkBackend
 Latest version of the C++ LinkBackend interface. More...
using RequestLinkBackend = V1::RequestLinkBackend
 Latest version of the requested C++ LinkBackend interface. More...
using CLinkFrontend = V1::CLinkFrontend
 Latest version of the C LinkFrontend interface. More...
using LinkFrontend = V1::LinkFrontend
 Latest version of the C++ LinkFrontend interface. More...
using RequestLinkFrontend = V1::RequestLinkFrontend
 Latest version of the requested C++ LinkFrontend interface. More...
using CPropertyDisplayName = V1::CPropertyDisplayName
 Latest version of the C PropertyDisplayName interface. More...
using PropertyDisplayName = V1::PropertyDisplayName
 Latest version of the C++ PropertyDisplayName interface. More...
using CSinkDevices = V1::CSinkDevices
 Latest version of the C SinkDevices interface. More...
using SinkDevices = V1::SinkDevices
 Latest version of the C++ SinkDevices interface. More...
using CSource = V1::CSource
 Latest version of the C Source interface. More...
using Source = V1::Source
 Latest version of the C++ Source interface. More...
using CTestService = V2::CTestService
 Latest version of the C TestService interface. More...
using TestService = V2::TestService
 Latest version of the C++ TestService interface. More...
using RequestTestService = V2::RequestTestService
 Latest version of the requested C++ TestService interface. More...


enum  LicenseType { LicenseType_Trial = 1, LicenseType_Purchased, LicenseType_Academic }
 License type. More...
enum  LicenseStatus { LicenseStatus_Unlicensed, LicenseStatus_Expired, LicenseStatus_Valid, LicenseStatus_Incompatible }
 License status. More...
enum  NotifyInnerObjectOperation { InnerObjectAdded, InnerObjectRemoved }
 Type of operation for the NotifyInnerObjectAddedRemoved function. More...
enum  AudioFileChannel {
  Channel_mono = 0, Channel_stereo = 1, Channel_mono_drop = 2, Channel_stereo_drop = 3,
  Channel_as_input = 4, Channel_mono_drop_right = 5, Channel_stereo_balance = 6
 Import channel configuration options. More...
enum  Severity {
  Severity_Success = -1, Severity_Message, Severity_Warning, Severity_Error,
 Log message severity. More...
enum  eDialog { SettingsDialog, ContentsEditorDialog }
enum  ConversionResult { ConversionSuccess = 0, ConversionWarning = 1, ConversionFailed = 2 }
 Conversion error code. More...



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