Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

◆ GetAudioOut2SpeakerAngles()

void AK::GetAudioOut2SpeakerAngles ( AkReal32  out_pfSpeakerAngles[3],
AkReal32 out_rfHeightAngle,
const SceAudioOut2SpeakerInfo &  in_rInfo 

Using data provided by SceAudioOut2SpeakerInfo, as obtained by sceAudioOut2GetSpeakerInfo, populates out_pfSpeakerAngles and out_rfHeightAngle with appropriate data to use for AK::SoundEngine::SetSpeakerAngles.

If you are using this to set speaker angles manually, ensure that new angles are recognized and set, even if the user's speaker configuration changes, by periodically checking for differences in SceAudioOut2SpeakerInfo's state.

Note that when AkPlatformInitSettings::bUseAudioOut2SpeakerAngles is enabled, the system calls AK::SoundEngine::SetSpeakerAngles for system output devices automatically at initialization, and when any change in the user's speaker configuration is detected.

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