Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

◆ GetSceAudio3dPortId()

int AK::GetSceAudio3dPortId ( )

Returns the sceAudio3d port ID being used by the Wwise SoundEngine for the output. Since there can only be a single sceAudio3d port open at a time, the sceAudio3d port used by the sound engine should also be used for all other sceAudio3d operations. The sceAudio3d module will be loaded and initialized by the sound engine at initialization. sceAudio3dPortAdvance and sceAudio3dPortPush is called after each audio frame.

This should be called only once the SoundEngine has been successfully initialized, otherwise the function will return an invalid value (-1).

the current sceAudio3d port ID or -1.

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