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Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Platform Requirements

This page documents the versions of the various tools used to build the different versions of Wwise.

Common Tools

The following versions of Microsoft Visual Studio are used to build the Wwise Sound Engine libraries:

  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2017: VS2017 (15.9.61)
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2019: VS2019 (16.11.35)
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2022: VS2022 (17.8.9)

The Wwise Authoring application is built using the same Microsoft® Visual Studio 2019 version used to build the Sound Engine libraries. This version is recommended for building Wwise Authoring plug-ins.

You will notice that the Wwise SDK installation directories are suffixed with "_vc" + version number for both Win32 and x64. Those version numbers correspond to:

  • vc160: Visual Studio 2019 (toolset vc142).
  • vc170: Visual Studio 2022 (toolset vc143).

CRT DLL versions are made binary compatible and are part of Windows.

If you don't want your game to depend on the CRT DLL, you can link to the libraries from the Debug (StaticCRT), Profile (StaticCRT), and Release (StaticCRT) folders instead.

Platforms Requirements


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