Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AK::TempAlloc::InitSettings Struct Reference

Initialization settings for temporary-memory pools. Separate settings are specified for each temporary-memory pool. More...

#include <AkMemoryMgr.h>

Public Attributes

AkUInt32 uMinimumBlockCount
 The number of blocks of memory the system is initialized with and is the minimum kept around forever. Defaults to 1. Higher values increase upfront memory use, but can reduce, or eliminate, the creation and destruction of memory blocks over time. More...
AkUInt32 uMinimumBlockSize
 The minimum size of each block. If a new allocation requests a new block of memory, then the new block is the size of the requested allocation times four, and then rounded up to the next multiple of this value. Defaults to 2MiB. More...
AkUInt32 uMaximumUnusedBlocks
 The maximum number of blocks that the system keeps in an unused state, and avoids freeing. Defaults to 1. Higher values do not increase the peak memory use, but do prevent unused memory from being freed, in order to reduce creation and destruction of memory blocks. More...
bool bDebugDetailedStats
 Enable to track detailed stats and include them in the detailed stat dump. Detailed stats include the size and quantity of each type of allocation from the system. Disabled by default. More...
bool bDebugClearMemory
 Enable to clear any allocation to a deterministic garbage value. Useful to make sure memory is initialized properly. Disabled by default. More...
bool bDebugEnableSentinels
 Enable to write out sentinels between most allocations to help detect memory overwrites, verified at the end of a tick. Enabled by default. Increases memory usage of blocks slightly. More...
bool bDebugFlushBlocks
 Enable to forcefully release all blocks at the end of a tick and recreate them from scratch every tick. Useful to ensure stale memory is not being accessed. Disabled by default. This might interfere with some stats reporting due to blocks being released between ticks. More...
bool bDebugStandaloneAllocs
 Enable to force the block size to be as small as possible for each allocation (smaller than can be achieved by just setting uMinimumBlockSize to very low values). Useful to investigate memory overruns in-depth, especially in conjunction with other options like bDebugFlushBlocks and the MemoryMgr's stomp allocator. If enabled, bDebugDetailedStats and bDebugEnableSentinels will be disabled. Greatly increases CPU and memory usage. More...

Detailed Description

Initialization settings for temporary-memory pools. Separate settings are specified for each temporary-memory pool.

Definition at line 342 of file AkMemoryMgr.h.

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