Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AK::TempAlloc::Stats Struct Reference

#include <AkMemoryMgr.h>

Public Attributes

AkUInt32 uMemUsed
 Used memory (in bytes). More...
AkUInt32 uMemAllocated
 Allocated memory (in bytes). More...
AkUInt32 uBlocksUsed
 Number of individual blocks used. More...
AkUInt32 uPeakMemUsed
 The peak value for uMemUsed since initialization. More...
AkUInt32 uPeakMemAllocated
 The peak value for uMemAllocated since initialization. More...
AkUInt32 uPeakBlocksUsed
 The peak value for uBlocksUsed since initialization. More...
AkUInt32 uPeakBlockUsed
 The peak amount of used memory in any single block since initialization. More...

Detailed Description

Temp-alloc memory statistics. Whenever these are fetched, they represent the last completed temp-alloc "tick".

These statistics are not collected in the Release configuration of the memory mgr.

Definition at line 322 of file AkMemoryMgr.h.

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