◆ GetUsedInterfaceVersions()

template<typename PluginT >
template<InterfaceType in_interfaceType>
template<uint32_t in_interfaceVersion = k_latestInterfaceVersion, uint32_t... in_requestedVersions, uint32_t... in_providedVersions>
static constexpr auto AK.Wwise::Plugin::PluginInfoGenerator< PluginT >::InterfaceInfo< in_interfaceType >::GetUsedInterfaceVersions ( VersionPack< in_requestedVersions... >  = {},
VersionPack< in_providedVersions... >  = {} 

Recursively accumulate each version of the interface requested or provided by the plug-in (there should be one or none).

Note: Assumes the interface versions range from 1 to k_latestInterfaceVersion, except for native interfaces.
A pair containing a VersionPack of the requested versions and a VersionPack of the provided versions of the interface.
See also

Definition at line 376 of file PluginInfoGenerator.h.

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