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AkRoomID AkGeometryInstanceParams::RoomID
Warning: Deprecated - RoomID will be removed in a future version. We recommend that you do not use RoomID, and instead leave it set to the default value (-1) Associate this geometry instance with the room RoomID. Associating a geometry instance with a particular room will limit the scope in which the geometry is visible/accessible. RoomID can be left as default (-1), in which case this geometry instance will have a global scope. It is recommended to associate geometry with a room when the geometry is (1) fully contained within the room (ie. not visible to other rooms accept by portals), and (2) the room does not share geometry with other rooms. Doing so reduces the search space for ray casting performed by reflection and diffraction calculations. Take note that once one or more geometry instances are associated with a room, that room will no longer be able to access geometry that is in the global scope.
Note: Reflections will only propagate seamlessly though portals when RoomID is left as default. If geometry instances are assigned to specific rooms, then reflections are only calculated in the listener's room. When using reflections, it is not recommended to assign RoomID.
Note: RoomID has no effect and is ignored when assigned to a Reverb Zone or to the parent of a Reverb Zone.
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Definition at line 579 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.

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