Wwise SDK 2023.1.4

#include <IAkPlugin.h>

Public Member Functions

 AkPluginInfo ()
 Constructor for default values. More...

Public Attributes

AkPluginType eType
 Plug-in type. More...
AkUInt32 uBuildVersion
 Plug-in build version, must match the AK_WWISESDK_VERSION_COMBINED macro from AkWwiseSDKVersion.h. Prevents usage of plugins compiled for other versions, avoiding crashes or data issues. More...
bool bIsInPlace
 Buffer usage (in-place or not). If true, and the plug-in is an insert effect, it should implement IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin, otherwise it should implement IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin. If it is an object processor (see CanProcessObjects, below), it should implement IAkInPlaceObjectPlugin or IAkOutOfPlaceObjectPlugin respectively. More...
bool bCanChangeRate
 True for effects whose sample throughput is different between input and output. Effects that can change rate need to be out-of-place (!bIsInPlace), and cannot exist on busses. More...
bool bReserved
 Legacy bIsAsynchronous plug-in flag, now unused. Preserved for plug-in backward compatibility. bReserved should be false for all plug-in. More...
bool bCanProcessObjects
 Plug-in can process audio objects. They must implement IAkInPlaceObjectPlugin or IAkOutOfPlaceObjectPlugin, depending on if they work in-place or out-of-place. Out-of-place object processors only work on busses. More...
bool bIsDeviceEffect
 Plug-in can process final mixes and objects right before sending them to the audio device for output. Plug-ins that process the main mix, passthrough mix and objects directly at the end of the pipeline must implement IAkAudioDeviceEffectPlugin. Audio device effect plug-ins must be in place (bIsInPlace = true) and must be able to process objects (bCanProcessObjects = true). More...
bool bCanRunOnObjectConfig
 Plug-in can run on bus with Audio Object configuration. Effect plug-ins are instantiated once per Audio Objects on those busses. While this may be fine for effects such as EQs, it is an user error for effects such as reverbs, or for any effect that is non-linear. Effects that return false will fail to initialize when created on busses with Audio Object Configuration. More...
bool bUsesGainAttribute
 Plug-in knows how to process objects separately from the cumulativeGain of the object (or the processing of the object's audio is independent of the overall object gain). bCanProcessObjects must also be true, as this relies on Object Metadata. More...

Detailed Description

Plug-in information structure.

The bIsInPlace field is only relevant for effect plug-ins.
See also

Definition at line 60 of file IAkPlugin.h.

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