Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
AkSpatialAudioInitSettings Struct Reference

Initialization settings of the spatial audio module. More...

#include <AkSpatialAudio.h>

Public Member Functions

 AkSpatialAudioInitSettings ()

Public Attributes

AkUInt32 uMaxSoundPropagationDepth
 Maximum number of portals that sound can propagate through; must be less than or equal to AK_MAX_SOUND_PROPAGATION_DEPTH. More...
AkReal32 fMovementThreshold
 Amount that an emitter or listener has to move to trigger a validation of reflections/diffraction. Larger values can reduce the CPU load at the cost of reduced accuracy. Note that the ray tracing itself is not affected by this value. Rays are cast each time a Spatial Audio update is executed. More...
AkUInt32 uNumberOfPrimaryRays
 The number of primary rays used in the ray tracing engine. A larger number of rays will increase the chances of finding reflection and diffraction paths, but will result in higher CPU usage. When CPU limit is active (see AkSpatialAudioInitSettings::fCPULimitPercentage), this setting represents the maximum allowed number of primary rays. More...
AkUInt32 uMaxReflectionOrder
 Maximum reflection order [1, 4] - the number of 'bounces' in a reflection path. A high reflection order renders more details at the expense of higher CPU usage. More...
AkUInt32 uMaxDiffractionOrder
AkUInt32 uMaxEmitterRoomAuxSends
AkUInt32 uDiffractionOnReflectionsOrder
AkReal32 fMaxPathLength
AkReal32 fCPULimitPercentage
AkUInt32 uLoadBalancingSpread
 Spread the computation of paths on uLoadBalancingSpread frames [1..[. When uLoadBalancingSpread is set to 1, no load balancing is done. Values greater than 1 indicate the computation of paths will be spread on this number of frames. More...
bool bEnableGeometricDiffractionAndTransmission
bool bCalcEmitterVirtualPosition
 An emitter that is diffracted through a portal or around geometry will have its apparent or virtual position calculated by Wwise Spatial Audio and passed on to the sound engine. More...

Detailed Description

Initialization settings of the spatial audio module.

Definition at line 38 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.

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