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ak_wwise_plugin_undo_group_id(* ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_v1::OpenGroup) (struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_undo_group_id in_reopenGroupId)

Open a group that will contain all subsequent undo events.

This must be done prior to performing any action on PropertySets, or adding custom events, as it is important to have one unique element on the undo stack. You can open multiple groups at once, like a stack, as long as you close them before exiting your function.

in_reopenGroupId should be set to 0 for a new group.

Example: ak_wwise_plugin_undo_group_id m_dragAndDropGroupId = 0; m_dragAndDropGroupId = OpenGroup(this, m_dragAndDropGroupId); if (m_dragAndDropGroupId == 0) return; CloseGroup(this, m_done ? AK_WWISE_PLUGIN_UNDO_GROUP_CLOSE_ACTION_APPLY : AK_WWISE_PLUGIN_UNDO_GROUP_CLOSE_ACTION_CLOSE, "Drag and drop"); if (m_done) m_dragAndDropGroupId = 0;

[in]in_thisCurrent instance of this interface.
[in]in_reopenGroupIdPreviously opened undo group, or 0 for a new group.
The new undo group that just got created, or 0 if the system cannot open a group at the moment.

Definition at line 166 of file HostUndoManager.h.

Referenced by AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::UndoManager::OpenGroup().

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