◆ CanLogUndos

bool(* ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_v1::CanLogUndos) (const struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_instance_v1 *in_this)

Returns whether logging can occur or not.

Call this function when you are about to log an undo event to know if Wwise is in a state where undos are enabled. Undo logging can be disabled for a particular plug-in object if it already lives in the undo stack or in the clipboard.

This function is useful to determine whether a complex undo operation can be started without opening a new undo group (see ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_v1::OpenGroup). Otherwise, the simple fact of opening an undo group will give a result of 0 if it's not possible to log undos at this time.

[in]in_thisCurrent instance of this interface.
true if the plug-in can log undo events at this time.

Definition at line 242 of file HostUndoManager.h.

Referenced by AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::UndoManager::CanLogUndos().

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